Fire of the Dark Triad is a perfectly timed, incredibly smart page turner — a real must-read!

Boris Lokshin
International film and cultural critic

Thought-provoking…Fire of the Dark Triad is Science Fiction for a reader who wants to be intellectually stimulated and values imagination and skill. Do yourself a favor: Sit down for a moment, start to read…see if you can put it down.

Patrick LoBrutto
Editor and author

Full of twists and turns, Fire of the Dark Triad is an unusual science fiction story spiked with philosophy and some mathematical thinking.

Professor Karl Bardosh
NYU Tisch School of Arts

Asya Semenovich is a great talent… I literally swallowed Fire of the Dark Triad, hoping that it would never end.

Nina Zaretskaya
Director of “Married to Math”

Married to Math is a thrilling 17-minute cinematic journey infused with beautifully composed eye-popping images and heaven-bound music driven by personal real-life narratives, all deliciously wrapped in a mesmerizing otherworldly story from Fire of the Dark Triad.

Edward Rubin
Writer, art critic, curator Artes Magazine

The story of three mathematicians with incredible artistic achievements is a fascinating screenplay turned into a film-prophecy due to the narrative from the novel by Asya Semenovich, who predicted the current pandemic long before its appearance.

Solomon Volkov
Writer, culturologist