There is a lot of fast-paced action. Plot twists and turns are plenty, leaving us at times gasping in wonder. She does tie up all the loose ends in a satisfying spectacular final interaction between several Dark Triads. ‘Fire Of The Dark Triad’is well worth reading for the new ideas, breadth of imagination and intuitive understanding it brings to the reader of the Dark Triad. I, for one, am looking forward to promised sequel.


The story of three mathematicians with incredible artistic achievements is a fascinating screenplay turned into a film-prophecy due to the narrative from the novel by Asya Semenovich, who predicted the current pandemic long before its appearance.

Solomon Volkov
Writer, culturologist

Well constructed novel which is both pacey and punchy.

That’s books and Entertainment

The tale is about a Headhunter and his mission to find and persuade someone to come to earth. However, its more, much more than just that. It has an excellent story line, believable characters, areas are briefly discussed which may spark some thoughts in your own mind. I found it very well written, fascinating and an excellent read. I can only commend it to you dear readers!

The Army Rumour Service

This is well written science fiction style read that I think fans of the Biopunk genre will enjoy. I would recommend giving Fire of the Dark Triad a read.